Happy Friday!

“Life is Abuse”

Cambridge, Mass. – In an alley near Central Square

Summer, 2010

Taken by John Forrester

(flickr/johnsforrester/all rights reserved)


Ask Not What You Can Do For Hipsters…

“Beware Hipsters”

Boston, Mass. – On Salem Street in the North End

October, 2010

Taken by John Forrester

(flickr/johnsforrester/all rights reserved)

Oh Broadcast News…

I don’t know where Robert Caen found this, but here’s a bit of funny World Series Coverage from NBC’s Dallas-Fort Worth Just another example of how dumb TV news is.


See the City, See the Zoo

“Slave To The Traffic Light/CamlWlk”

Amherst, Mass. – Leaving a Phish show

Oct. 23, 2010

Taken by John S. Forrester

(flickr/johnsforrester/all rights reserved)

No Blogger Love

“Once we hit capacity it will be a one-in/one-out situation. I don’t care how many hits your shitty blog gets a month. Fuck Google Analytics. And besides, bloggers aren’t real writers. Sorry, I just don’t respect you.”

Austin, Tx. – Outside of Beerland during the South by Southwest Festival

March 20, 2010

Taken by Mike Louis

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Hee Haw Hallelujah!

“Cowboys For Christ”

Location Unknown

January 2002

Taken by Michael Cote

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Quality Clientele?

“Lonely? Desperate? Ugly? Drink Heavily”

New York City – Outside of a bar in midtown Manhattan

July 7, 2007

Taken by Claire Powers

(flickr/_rockinfree/creative commons license for commercial use)